Photo of Marc Kramer

Marc Kramer has recovered over $1 billion for investors, focusing on value-generating litigation including class action opt-out/direct actions, bondholders’ rights, and investor appraisal rights. Marc founded Rolnick Kramer Sadighi LLP with his partners because his view was that a traditional hourly billable model did not properly align value-creating lawyers and their clients.  By pursuing a model focused on results, rather than on hours, Marc works within a structure where compensation is based solely upon value-creation. Accordingly, Marc typically represents investors on a contingent basis, sharing the risk with his clients and matching incentives to results. Marc is a partner of Rolnick Kramer Sadighi LLP.

The Harvard Business Law Review (whose articles we’ve covered before) has published a piece concerning Delaware allowing blockchain to be used for company stock ledgers. While we have written about blockchain repeatedly, the new HBLR article examines how blockchain-based securities could fundamentally change corporate governance. Using Dell and Dole as examples, the author