Larry is a partner of Rolnick Kramer Sadighi LLP. Larry has over 30 years of experience representing investors to recover their losses, defend their rights as stakeholders, and pursue value-generating litigation strategies across the spectrum of investment approaches.  Larry has been instrumental in recovering over $1 billion for professional investors and their clients.   While Larry’s primary focus is the recovery of losses arising from securities fraud via direct action, he has extensive experience in every aspect of investor litigation.  He has represented clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in direct securities claims, class actions, opt out actions, indenture and credit agreement-related actions, appraisal proceedings, bondholder litigations, activist actions and litigation involving structured finance among other areas.

Steve Hecht is a go-to trial lawyer for hedge funds, institutional investors, family offices, university endowments, venture funds and other investors interested in utilizing the legal process to create value for their own investors. Whether by activist litigation, fiduciary duty claims, or appraisal and other valuation strategies, Steve has extensive experience across the gamut of options for shareholders.  He regularly tries cases in Delaware Chancery Court and around the country for clients seeking outsized returns. Steve is a partner of Rolnick Kramer Sadighi LLP.

Marc Kramer has recovered over $1 billion for investors, focusing on value-generating litigation including class action opt-out/direct actions, bondholders’ rights, and investor appraisal rights. Marc founded Rolnick Kramer Sadighi LLP with his partners because his view was that a traditional hourly billable model did not properly align value-creating lawyers and their clients.  By pursuing a model focused on results, rather than on hours, Marc works within a structure where compensation is based solely upon value-creation. Accordingly, Marc typically represents investors on a contingent basis, sharing the risk with his clients and matching incentives to results. Marc is a partner of Rolnick Kramer Sadighi LLP.

Rich is an experienced securities litigator focusing on value-generating legal strategy.  Rich brings to each matter a deep knowledge of the quantitative methods side of securities litigation, especially damages computation, event studies, econometrics/economics and the theories, tools, and strategies involved in the preservation and maximization of the value of client’s securities claims.