2017 was an active year in appraisal, with a number of anticipated decisions – including the recent Dell, DFC Global, and PetSmart opinions. 2018 looks to be filled with further developments. A trio of Law360 articles have highlighted the robust appraisal activity of 2017 – and suggested some cases to watch in 2018. Contributors from Morris Nichols noted the increased activity in appraisal in 2017 in a piece titled “Delaware Litigation 2017: Assessing Trends At Year-End” [$$]. Writers at Law360 also highlighted the Solera appraisal case as one to watch [$$]. Summing up 2017 in review, and perhaps predicting a still-evolving landscape, the authors of “3 Things For M&A Attys To Know About Delaware Law In 2018” [$$] pointed out that “The main takeaway from the numerous appraisal decisions seems to be that there is still no definitive guide to knowing exactly how the Delaware courts will determine fair value for a given deal, as it all depends on the specific circumstances.” As courts wrestle with the specific circumstances of each case, we expect a busy 2018 in appraisal.