As our securities litigation practice group has spun off from our prior firm and formed our own new shop, we are excited to announce that The Appraisal Rights Litigation Blog we created years ago has now become the Valuation Litigation and Shareholder Rights Blog.  Along with the name change comes a new, broadened focus, consistent with our new firm’s goals.  This blog remains committed to bringing its readers informative, useful information about investor rights and valuation issues around the world, acting as a clearinghouse for information on court decisions, academic research, statutory changes, and providing a forum for guest authors to discuss investor rights and valuation issues from diverse fields and jurisdictions.

While our commitment to informative posts remains unwavering, a number of items have changes.  The new blog name reflects a broadened scope: appraisal litigation, at core, stands at the intersection of valuation disputes and shareholder rights.  With attorneys having more than 50 years of appraisal experience collectively, we have increasingly seen that appraisal issues are not confined solely to Delaware appraisal: appraisal decisions inform, and in turn are informed by, valuation decisions more generally.  Likewise, shareholder rights go well beyond appraisal, now often intersecting with shareholder inspection rights and other jurisprudence surrounding investor remedies.

Our broadened focus does not mean we will stop covering appraisal rights, indeed, appraisal rights remain a critical window both jurisprudentially and academically to operationalizing valuation issues and shareholder rights.  Instead, the blog will cover a broader swath of issues in valuation litigation and shareholder rights.  Regular readers may have already seen that the blog has covered shareholder inspection rights issues, voting rights issues, LLC issues, among others.  We intend to continue covering appraisal whenever we can, including significant decisions, research, statutory changes, or appraisal in non-US jurisdictions (eventually, aiming to have covered every country in the world), but that will be as part of an expanded look at valuation issues more broadly, including developments in fast-changing sectors, such as crypto, cannabis, and financial products.

Along with the change of name and focus is a change of firm.  We are thrilled to announce that this blog is brought to you by Rolnick Kramer Sadighi LLP, a premier securities litigation boutique focused on the investment management community.  All the founders and regular contributors of the previous Appraisal Rights Litigation blog have joined to form Rolnick Kramer Sadighi LLP, a firm built on the idea of partnering with clients to achieve exceptional results.   With the change in firm is also the ability to host more advanced content, including opinion and thought pieces in the areas of business valuation litigation and shareholder rights.

Finally, a new look.  Some changes to the look and feel of the blog have occurred as we have sought to modernize.  We fervently hope you will still find this a source of valuable information and useful insight.

~ The entire RKS Team