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Note on the Dell Entitlement Ruling

Posted in Entitlement to Appraisal, Share-Tracing Not Required, Voting Against the Merger

The Vanderbilt Law Review published this note on Vice Chancellor Laster’s disqualification of stockholders in Dell who had inadvertently voted in favor of the merger, about which ruling we’ve posted before.  This note breaks down that ruling and discusses the court’s strict requirements for appraisal procedure and its affirmation that share-tracing is not required of… Continue Reading

Delaware Chancery Disqualifies Lead Petitioner in Dell Appraisal

Posted in Entitlement to Appraisal, Voting Against the Merger

On May 11, Vice Chancellor Laster issued an opinion in the Dell case denying the T. Rowe Price lead petitioner’s entitlement to proceed with its appraisal case on the grounds that it (inadvertently) voted in favor of the merger, when it should have abstained or voted against.  The ruling did not address the underlying valuation issue,… Continue Reading