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Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Williams Companies Merger Facing Headwinds

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Seeking Alpha posted this analysis of The Williams Companies merger, which has seen its merger consideration shrink over nearly five months from $43.50 to just $18.40 as of February 19.  According to the report, this translates to a loss of approximately 58% and nearly $20 billion in shareholder value.

Academics Propose New Reforms for Appraisal

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We’ve posted before about the article by Professors Charles Korsmo and Minor Myers analyzing the recent surge in appraisal activity.  These co-authors have prepared a new draft article to be published in the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, proposing reforms for appraisal litigation.  Based on their latest research the authors stand by their prior conclusion… Continue Reading

Opportunities with Appraisal Litigation

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Today’s Hedge Fund Law Report ran an article about the appraisal remedy, its positive results and its distinctiveness from traditional stockholder litigation.  That article, “Stockholder Appraisal Actions Present an Attractive Litigation-Based Strategy for Hedge Fund Managers,” also discusses the proposed legislative amendments, judicial limitations and potential opportunities that we’ve posted on before.