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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Spike in Appraisal Rights Cases Graphically Illustrated

Posted in Dollar Amount of Appraisal Rights Filings, Number of Appraisal Rights Filings

Among the compelling metrics compiled by Professors Korsmo and Myers in their article on appraisal rights that has been approvingly cited by the Delaware Court of Chancery, they have highlighted two key trends which, taken together, demonstrate the sophistication of the investors now driving what appears to be a pronounced spike in appraisal rights cases…. Continue Reading

Valuation Basics: Equity Risk Premium and Beta

Posted in Beta, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Equity Risk Premium, Fair Value, Valuation Basics, Valuation Expert, WACC

Prior posts in our “Valuation Basics” series have examined the various components of the cost of equity capital under the Capital Asset Pricing Model (“CAPM”). In this post we continue our discussion of those components, focusing on the equity risk premium and its modifying coefficient, the beta. The CAPM has become the Delaware Court of… Continue Reading

Court Reaffirms Independence and Importance of Appraisal Rights Remedy

Posted in Distinct from Fiduciary Duty Claims, No Proof of Wrongdoing Needed

Last week, the Delaware Court of Chancery issued an opinion in In re Orchard Enterprises, Inc. Shareholder Litigation (Del. Ch. Aug 22, 2014) concerning an application for attorneys’ fees (we have previously posted about a significant 2012 decision in that same case by former Chancellor Strine). We found the court’s latest decision noteworthy for two… Continue Reading