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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Valuation Basics: Calculating the Equity Size Premium

Posted in Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Fair Value, Size Premium, Valuation Basics, Valuation Expert, WACC

In a prior post, we explained how the Capital Asset Pricing Model (“CAPM”) has become one of the frequently employed methods used by the Delaware Court of Chancery to calculate the cost of equity for the discount rate in a DCF analysis. In this post, we focus on one specific component of the CAPM: the… Continue Reading

Chancellor Strine’s Elevation To Chief Justice of Delaware’s Supreme Court Will Benefit The Appraisal Process

Posted in Fair Value, Independent Valuation, No Proof of Wrongdoing Needed

Among the thirty-five appraisal rights opinions written by Chancellor Strine over the past decade are some of the most cited and comprehensive treatments of the appraisal rights remedy to date. On January 29, 2014, the Delaware General Assembly unanimously confirmed Chancellor Strine’s appointment to the Delaware Supreme Court, where he will also become the court’s… Continue Reading