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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Do Investors Need To Worry About “Synergies” in Appraisal Proceedings?

Posted in Fair Value, Merger Price, Operative Reality, Synergies, Valuation Expert

The purchaser of a company through merger often argues in a subsequent appraisal action that the price paid was too high and that the dissenting shareholder should be paid a lower amount. Tactically, it is important for the purchaser to impress the dissenting shareholder with down-side risk in pursuing the appraisal. The resulting inference of… Continue Reading

Valuation Basics: Calculating Terminal Value Using the Gordon Growth Model

Posted in Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Fair Value, Terminal Value, Valuation Basics, Valuation Expert

In a prior post we mentioned the three basic components of a discounted cash flow (“DCF”) valuation analysis — cash flow projections, a discount rate, and a terminal value — and explained how to calculate one of those components, the discount rate. In this post, we tackle another component, the terminal value. In a typical… Continue Reading