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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Icahn’s Plan to Exercise Appraisal Rights Still Intact Even After He Abandoned Launching A Competing Offer For Dell

Posted in Fair Value, Merger Price, No Proof of Wrongdoing Needed

As discussed in our very first post, back in July of this year Carl Icahn famously encouraged his fellow shareholders in Dell Inc. to exercise their appraisal rights rather than cash out and accept the offer on the table from Michael Dell in his bid to take his namesake company private. This week, on September… Continue Reading

Valuation Basics: Determining a Discount Rate, or WACC

Posted in Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Fair Value, Valuation Basics, Valuation Expert, WACC

The discounted cash flow method, or “DCF”, has become the generally accepted method of valuation in Delaware’s Court of Chancery.  The DCF method seeks to value a company by discounting the company’s projected future cash flows to present value based on the perceived risk of investing capital in that company.  As recently summarized by Vice… Continue Reading